Mosin Nagant Sniper X Conversion

It’s probably the most popular military surplus rifle on the market today. Ammunition for it is cheap and plentiful, and how can you pass up a rifle you can buy for around $100? Yes, I’m talking about the Mosin Nagant. These century old rifles can be found in abundance in gun stores, pawn shops, and gun shows across the country.

But, let’s face it. This rifle is at least 55 years old, and many are pushing 100. It is not a modern sporting rifle by any stretch of the imagination, but it can be upgraded with modern optics and stock kits; which is the goal of Firearms International’s Mosin Nagant Sniper X conversion kit!


The Mosin Nagant is simple yet elegant rifle and easily comes apart to reveal that all we’ll need to carry over to the conversion kit are the barrel assembly, bolt carrier and firing pin assembly.





The Mosin Nagant Sniper X Bullpup Conversion Kit

The Mosin Nagant Sniper X Conversion kit turns your WWII relic into a modern bull-pup sniper rifle!  The stock kit’s frameSpiperX-Conversion-for-Mosin-Nagant will be constructed from 6061 aluminum and the shell a combination of tough polymers.

Firearms International designed and engineered the Mosin Nagant Sniper X Conversion kit to be easy to assemble.  Basically drop your Mosin Nagant barrel and bolt carrier straight out of your old stock and into the new one!  Then just tighten a few screws and you’re ready to hit the firing range; but be forewarned! You may spend more time answering questions from admirers than actually shooting, cause the Sniper X stock on the Mosin Nagant is definitely a head-turner.

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